Why Is It Important For A Business To Have An Online Presence

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We live in a digital age. More an more people rely on the internet to look for the products and services they need, seek out entertainment options, and keep abreast of what is going on in their communities and the world around them. Businesses that have an online presence will have a greater opportunity to reach potential customers. Here are 6 reasons it is important for a business to have an online presence.
1. Establishing your business online heightens credibility. Having a website helps consumers see what type of business you are, who you are behind the business, and gives them comfort that you are a reputable business before choosing you. A 2014 survey found that 56% of consumers would not trust a business that doesn’t have a website.


2. An online presence will grow your Client Base. Word of mouth can only go so far. A well constructed website stretches your business beyond the address at which your business now stands. It increases your business reach to the nation and the world reaching customers that word of mouth and newspaper ads could not. If you don’t have a an online presence, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to gain customers for life.


3. On online presence levels the Playing field. Small businesses have a particularly difficult time competing against larger companies for business due to fewer resources. However, online, you have the opportunity to engage with the same customers as your larger competitors. Posting great descriptions of your products and services and personalized calls to action allows a small business to draw in customers that they would be unable to physically get in the door to see.


4. Having an online presence makes it easier and more cost effective for you to market your business. A well designed website with informative and appealing content enables customers to make informed purchasing decisions. The Internet provides a marketing platform that gives you a cost effective way to reach a wider audience than you could with a local sale force or conventional marketing techniques.



5. 24 Hour Availability. The Internet has no business hours, it is always available, so if your business is online, it is being presented to potential customers 24 hours a day. A well designed contact form or retail purchasing platform gives customers the appearance that your business never sleeps and is available for them whenever they need it.


6. An online presence allows your business to interact with customers. Customers often use reviews to decide which business to purchase their products and services from. Getting positive feedback from your customers through online reviews creates a positive image of your business that creates loyal customers and draws additional customers to your site. Think of it as free advertising.


It is essential for both small and large businesses to have a strong online presence. A business that does not have an online business is regarded as non-existent in today’s modern and competitive business environment.


Many companies have not built an online presence due to lack of technical knowledge and the cost to develop a website. As with most other things in your business, if you do not possess the specific knowledge to build it, you hire a trusted expert. While there is an investment required to build the site, the advantages of having an online presence far outweigh the costs.


There are companies that specialize in building websites and social profiles for specific industries. They know what your specific customers want and can build your online presence accordingly. Finding a website design and development company you can trust will ease your concerns.


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